Bingo Game Rules

Game 1 Straight line / up and down, side-to-side, or corner-to-corner.
Game 2 Four Corners / only “B’s” and “O’s” will be called.
Game 3 Straight line.
Game 4 Six Pack / 3 in a row beside 3 in a row and the free space may be included.
Game 5 Wee House / the numbers all around the free space. No “B’s” or “O’s will be called.
Game 6 The Bonanza / a straight line in “X” numbers or less for $200.00On the blue paper cards. The Bonanza starts at 5 numbers or less for the $200.00 and increases by 1 more number each week till the $200.00 is won. If the Bonanza is not won the game continues for a consolation prize of $25.00.
Game 7 Postage Stamp / 2 by 2 anywhere on the card but the Free space is not included.
Game 8 Straight Line.
Game 9 Straight Line.
Game 10 2 Postage Stamps / on 1 card, they can be anywhere on the card but cannot overlap in anyway and the free space may be used.Games 11 to 15 are progressive games. The numbers will only be called once; therefore players do not clear their cards in between the games.
Game 11 Straight Line.
Game 12 2 Straight Lines. The straight lines have to be on 1 card.
Game 13 The Letter “X”.
Game 14 The Sandwich / This is 3 straight lines. Must be the top, middle and bottom rows only. It cannot be the “B’s”, the “N’s” and the “O’s”.
Game 15 Blackout / All the numbers on 1 card must be filled.
Game 16 Jackpot Blackout / Played on the Red paper cards for $1000.00.All the numbers on 1 card must be filled in “X” numbers or less. The Jackpot Blackout begins at 50 numbers and each week it is not won, the next week 1 more number is added until the Jackpot is won. Each time the Jackpot is not won the game continues for a consolation prize of $50.00.
Games 1 – 4 and 7 – 9 Prize is no less than $15.00.
Games 5 & 10 Prize is no less than $20.00.
Games 11 – 14 Prize is no less than $25.00.
Game 15 Prize is no less than $50.00.
Game 6 Prize is $200.00 or consolation of $25.00.
Game 16 Prize is $1,000.00 or consolation of $50.00.