Your ticket gives you the chance to win Weekly Cash Prize + Progressive Cash Jackpot


Winning ticket drawn on Sunday, December 26 at 6pm.


  • Purchase your tickets weekly for a chance to pick the Ace of Spades
  • Tickets are only valid for one week
  • Your ticket gives you the chance to win Weekly Cash Prize + Progressive Cash Jackpot
  • Watch the draw live on Banff Legion Facebook Page
  • If your ticket is drawn you win 20% of that weeks sales (Weekly Cash Prize)
  • The winner will be called to select their envelope, if the winner cannot be reached, a proxy will select for the winner.
  • If your envelope contains the Ace of Spades, you win the Progressive Cash Jackpot (30% of all ticket sales to date)


  • Week 1: Colleen Ram, Ticket No. BL2-010020, $240 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 2: Katelyn Thickett, Ticket No. BL4-021358, $312 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 3: Jim Luck, Ticket No. BL4-030115, $246 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 4: Rob Julien, Ticket No. BL3-040263, $266 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 5: Shawn Lundie, Ticket No. BL2-051077, $234 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 6: Cassie Spencer, Ticket No. BL3-060429, $306 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 7: Myrna Haley, Ticket No. BL3-070196, $300 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 8: Jacqueline Dolan, Ticket No. BL1-080160, $344 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 9: Brenda Wilson, Ticket No. 1799286, $274 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 10: Steve Nilsen, Ticket No. BL4-101081, $320 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 11: Dennis Shuler, Ticket No. BL2-111096, $309 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 12: Clint Murdin, Ticket No. BL3121244, $294 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 13: Elisa Knapton, Ticket No. BL2-130036, $282 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 14: Bob M, Ticket No. BL, $310 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 15: Taylor Scurfield, Ticket No. BL3-151078, (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 16: Joe Ham, Ticket No. BL3-160245, (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 17: Shane Coultis, Ticket No. BL3-170353, $370 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 18: Liz WIlson, Ticket No. BL2-180018, $400 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 19: Niall Summerfield, Ticket No. BL4-191183, $344 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 20: Al Macnaughton, Ticket No. BL2-201243, $512 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 21: Ted Christensen, Ticket No. BL1-211336, $602 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 22: Laurel Hitchins, Ticket No. BL2-220100, $532 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 23: Angela Summerfeld, Ticket No. BL4-231228, $630 (Weekly Prize)
  • Week 24: Jodie Tysdal, Ticket No. BL3-241045, Progressive Jackpot & Weekly Prize


How Chase the Ace Works

A Chase the Ace is very much like a 50/50 raffle.  The raffle still pays out 50% of what it brings in and the charity still keeps 50% of the proceeds, only every week it’s like having a growing seeded jackpot where there may or may not be a winner.  We like to call it a 50/50 raffle on steroids.

Here’s the basics:

  • At the beginning of the raffle 52 cards are hidden in 52 numbered envelopes.  They are hidden in such a way that even the charity doesn’t know which cards are in what numbered envelopes.


  • Tickets are purchased just like a 50/50, except they are valid only for the current week’s draw.
  • 20% of those ticket purchases go into a weekly prize
  • 30% of those ticket purchases go into the progressive jackpot
  • 50% of those ticket purchases go to the charity

The Draw

  • One ticket is drawn at 6:00pm each Saturday which determines the weekly prize winner
  • In addition the weekly prize, the weekly winner also has the opportunity to select a numbered envelope from 1-52
  • If the envelope contains the Ace of Spades, the weekly winner also wins the progressive jackpot.
  • If the envelope doesn’t contain the Ace of Spades, the raffle continues for another week.  The envelope chosen and the card revealed in the envelope are eliminated from the raffle.

Ticket prices are 1 for $10, 5 for $20, 50 for $25 and 100 for $100

Sales deadline is 5:45 p.m. every Saturday

Official rules of play here
AGLC License No. 574502 (Organization No. 66148)


What is Chase the Ace?

Chase the Ace is a weekly raffle with a progressive jackpot element. Ticket holders participate ONLY in the week they purchase tickets. Ticket holders are eligible to win a weekly prize which consists of 20% of the current week’s sales.

Now here’s the Chase the Ace part….

The weekly winner has a chance to pick an envelope numbered 1-52 and if they choose the envelope with the Ace of Spades, they win the progressive jackpot which is 30% of every week’s sales.

If the weekly winner doesn’t choose the Ace…the game plays on…and the jackpot keeps building.

How are the winners chosen?

A gaming lab certified random number generator is used to select a winner from all the ticket holders in the current week.